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Florida's Art in State Buildings Program - Call to Artists

Brevard County Health Department Expansion in Viera, Florida

Project Brevard County Health Department Expansion in Viera, Florida
Budget $7,650
Deadline Friday, September 14, 2012 (received by 5 pm)

Brevard County

Just 35 miles east of Orlando, Brevard County includes 72 miles of beautiful ocean beach, has the largest collection of endangered wildlife and plants in the continental United States, and is the home of Port Canaveral, the second-busiest cruise port in the world. With its tropical weather, cultural activites, educational opportunities, active and passive recreation options, high-tech industries, and family-friendly atmosphere, the Space Coast offers an exceptional quality of life that residents and visitors enjoy year-round. More than 500,000 people call its 16 municipalities and unincorporated areas “home.” See more at www.brevardcounty.us

The relatively new, unincorporated town of Viera is northwest of the City of Melbourne in Brevard County. The recently constructed Viera Clinic is a full service public health facility providing services by the Brevard County Health Department. Though the staff does care for some sick clients, the primary focus is well-care or preventative health for clients ranging in age from birth through adulthood.

Now the facility is being expanded with a wing that will contain a large multi-purpose conference center. In addition to providing space for inhouse staff training, this conference center will serve as a training site for other Florida Department of Health personnel in the region. It will also be available to community organizations that need meeting space.

The entrance to the new conference wing will be through an existing Lobby at the back of the current facility that was purposely designed as an access point for outside visitors. During evening hours and on the weekend, this lobby can be securely closed off from the rest of the clinic yet still serve as a welcoming entry area or reception space for visiting groups.

Facing south, the entrance to the two-story Lobby has large windows at the first and second level.

The large open, two-story Lobby has four large clerestory windows 18 feet above the floor on the west side (high on the left as you enter) and two more large clerestory windows on the east side (high on the right as you enter). These windows mesure 11’ tall x 9’ wide and, along with the expanse of glass in the front wall, provide a great deal of natural light into this space.

There is an open staircase with clear anodized aluminum rails against the west wall leading to a second floor balcony at the back of the lobby, also with aluminum rails. The ceiling is composed of 2’x2’ white ceiling tiles. All of the lobby walls are sheetrock painted a light beige with the balcony wall painted a darker beige for accent.

This view shows the four large second-level windows on the west side as well as all the windows in the front wall. The new one-story conference center will be constructed on the east side of the building (behind the right-hand palm).

These three views of the Lobby interior show the high windows on the west side, the darker colored balcony wall, and the area for art on the east wall below the high windows (the drink machines will be moved out).

Site for Artwork

The neutral color scheme of the conference center’s lobby is intended to provide visitors with a restful and calming space but the Art Selection Committee believes that a more dynamic and welcoming atmosphere for visitors can be achieved by the installation of a large, high-impact, signature artwork on the east wall below the two clerestory windows and above the doors to the employee lounge and the conference center. This area is 11 feet high and 31 feet wide.

Because the conference center will only be a small, single-story wing added to the existing larger facility, the artwork budget is also relatively small. The Committee realizes that the limited budget also limits their media choices, so they have decided that photographic artwork printed on large canvas or acrylic panel(s) is the best way to achieve their desire for a high-impact artwork in that space.

The Committee is open to any subject matter or theme that is appropriate to this kind of public space: landscape, genre, abstract, etc. They are also open to various size and hanging options. Some possible options: artists may produce artwork that addresses most of the area or fills only some of it; they could create one large horizontal artwork or they may choose to offer a series of works; they may choose to apply their panel or panels to the wall like wallpaper or they could use other hanging methods like stretchers. Artists should indicate their preferred method(s) in their Statement.

The Committee will select one or more images from those submitted and work with the selected artist to finalize any size and/or hanging options.

NOTE: The art budget must cover all of the artist’s costs, including materials, printing, installation, and photo-documentation of the finished work.

3D drawing of the Lobby’s east wall. The space for art is above the doors and below the windows. See next image for an elevation drawing with measurements.

Elevation of the Lobby east wall.


Participating artists must have reached a certain level of expertise and recognition in their medium. Their resumes should illustrate that they have met two of the following criteria:

  1. the artist's works are included in private, public, corporate or museum collections;
  2. the artist has received awards, grants or fellowships;
  3. the artist has completed other public commissions on a similar scale;
  4. the artist has participated in exhibitions at major museums or galleries.

Required Submission Materials

  1. Statement

    A brief Letter of Interest that explains how the submitted images relate to the project requirements and how your work fits the project.

  2. Resume

    A current professional resume, emphasizing public art experience, public collections and public commissions.

  3. Images

    NOTE: ASB projects ONLY accept digital images.

    Send a minimum of 10 & maximum of 20 digital images. Write the artist's name & the project name on the CD and/or label digital files as such. Images should be in .JPG format with a minimum resolution of approximately 800x600 pixels.

    The filename of each image must match the following format:

    1. first the artist's last name,
    2. then the corresponding image number on the ID Sheet and
    3. finally the artwork title (use representative words of a long title). If the image is a "detail," please indicate that as well.

    Example: Smith_08_PinkHeron_det.jpg

    Note: The first five artworks presented will receive initial review. Provide the committee with details/close-ups of large or complex artworks.

    Because the initial review is a "blind" review, no identifiying information should appear on the images. Any masking/borders should be black, not white. Artwork with sound or motion may be submitted as Quicktime files.

  4. ID Sheet

    Include an image identification page(s) that provides, for each submitted image,

    1. thumbnail image of the work,
    2. image number,
    3. title of work,
    4. medium,
    5. dimensions,
    6. date of work and
    7. price of work or amount of commission.

    The ID Sheet must be headed with the specific project name (and number, if provided), and the artist's name, address, phone number and email address.

The ASB Program at Brevard CHD does not accept PowerPoint presentations or digitally watermarked images. Images should not have the name of the artist added to them digitally. Any image that emphasizes the artist's name will not be presented to the committee.

Mail Submissions for This Project to:

ASB / Brevard CHD Expansion
Division of Cultural Affairs
500 S Bronough Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250

NOTE: This project has three digital submission options:
Artists may send digital images on a CD to the above mailing address or they may email materials digitally as a .zip file or use a file sharing website and send to lee.modica@dos.myflorida.com.

Send Express Entries to:

ASB / Brevard CHD Expansion
Brokaw McDougal House
329 N Meridian Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Project Inquiries:

Lee Modica
Program Manager

Check for information posted by other public art programs in our resources section under opportunities.

See Call to Artists submission instructions.

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