Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

Promoting arts and culture through programs, services and the Museum of Florida History.


2014 - 2015 Grant Recommendations

October 22, 2013

The Florida Council on Arts and Culture has recommended the following ranked lists and the Secretary of State has reviewed and approved them. The Department of State's Legislative Budget Request will include the Secretary of State's approved ranked list of applications. All ranked lists by program are available at http://www.florida-arts.org/resources/awards/ranked/ and are linked to below.

2014-2015 General Program Support
2014-2015 Specific Cultural Project
2014-2015 Cultural Facilities

The Legislature will make decisions about funding levels for the Division's grant programs and may use these lists to determine funding in accordance with Florida Statutes.

The Division encourages you to contact your elected officials to make the case for arts and culture. For more information on advocacy, follow the link to the Division's advocacy toolkit.